Frequently Asked Questions

Account Sign-Up & Verification:

  • Verification can take up to 24 hrs. Email verification will be sent once account is verified.
  • ID must be valid and show proof of age (21+).
  • Uploaded ID’s are encrypted for your safety.
  • The account icon (top right) will appear RED until verification.
  • After verification the PRODUCTS tab will allow access to 'SIGN CONTRACT'

Selecting Tanks & Placing Orders:

  • Must E-sign (by clicking yellow boxes) contract in order to purchase tanks. Leaving the site before purchase completion, or reloading the page, will require a new E-signature before purchasing.
  • LEASE & RETURN - Deposit, Shipping, and Return Shipping Label included in price. Deposit returned after empty tank is received by Tanks by Mail. Tank must be received within 60 days of delivery for full refund. Leased tanks must be returned to remain in good standing. If the tank is lost, stolen, or cannot be returned you must contact us directly within 60 days of delivery for remedy options.
  • PURCHASE & NO RETURN – No deposit and one-way shipping included in price. Tank has no TBM markings/stickers and is wrapped in plastic. Purchased tanks do not need to be returned and you own them.
  • Payments secured through Shopify.
  • Hotel Deliveries – All hotels have different policies. You will have to contact the Hotel and ask about receiving Non-Flammable Hazmat packages. The Hotels will either accept with no charge, accept with a charge, or not accept.

Product Details & Deposit Information:

  • All tanks are aluminum with a carry handle (5 lb. no carry handle) and CGA 326 valve.
  • Tanks are filled with food-grade Nitrous Oxide, sealed and weighed before shipping.
  • DO NOT Add or Remove any stickers on the tanks.
  • Full deposits issued if tank is in good working condition and within reasonable wear-and-tear of normal use.
  • Deposits: 5 lb. - $100, 10 lb. - $100, 15 lb. - $150, 20 lb. - $150
  • Deposits Returned within 5 days of TBM receiving empty tank(s).
  • Tanks By Mail does not do tank swaps of any kind. The cylinder you receive must be the cylinder you return.

Receiving Package & Proper Use:

  • Read all paperwork, warning labels, and stickers accompanying tank before use.
  • Shipping takes 3 to 5 business days depending on how far you are away from our shipping locations (NY or MO).
  • Someone 21+ must be physically present to accept Hazmat package. UPS will make 3 attempts then hold the package for 5 days at the local depot.
  • Packages returned for non-delivery will be refunded the gas and deposit prices minus any extra charges incurred from UPS.
  • Wrong addresses can be changed for free through UPS if they are minor, major changes to shipping locations is $25 UPS fee.
  • NEATLY OPEN BOX! It Will Be Used Again for Returning the Tank.
  • DO NOT Lose or Throw Out the Return Shipping Label Provided.

Return Shipping & Cylinder Damage:

  • KEEP THE BOX! Keep the cardboard valve cover and packing wrap.
  • No Box? Call us for solutions.
  • RETURN SHIPPING: Instructions in confirmation email, paperwork with delivery, and on this website. (Return Tank Tab Link)
  • Contact us with any questions regarding return shipping.
  • Bring package to local UPS store in a box with the provided return shipping label.
  • Cylinder Damage: Damaged, altered, or missing cylinder charges are itemized and will be deducted from the deposit.
  • Please contact us if your tank is lost or stolen.

General Information:

  • Cylinders vs. Cartridges: The ecoLOGICAL alternative to chargers.
    • 1lb. of gas is equivalent to 56 cartridges.
    • 1 reusable cylinder vs. 1,000's of onetime-use cartridges.
    • No oils or metals used in filling.
    • Filled in Northeastern USA.
    • Cost of gas is much cheaper in a cylinder.
  • Hotel Delivery: All hotels have different policies. You will have to contact the Hotel and ask about receiving Non-Flammable Hazmat packages. The Hotels will either accept with no charge, accept with a charge, or not accept.
  • More to come as we encounter new scenarios.

Q: What are the different processes of getting a tank from your site?

Lease: All Lease tanks require a deposit upon checkout. The deposit will be refunded when we receive and inspect the tank. TBM will provide the return shipping label. Tanks should be returned within 60 days, or your deposit amount could be subject to change. You can only have one lease out at a time. If you want to lease a second tank you must return your current lease first OR send us a picture of you dropping off your tank with UPS.

Purchase: When you purchase a tank from us, you own it outright. There's no time limit for returning the empty tank. Once you own a tank from us, you're eligible to join our Fill-By-Mail program. Fill-By-Mail allows you to ship in your empty tank for a full one. You can purchase a tank even if you have a lease out, and you can always purchase additional tanks anytime you like.

Trade- In Tank: If you have a tank of your own, you can trade it in towards the purchase of a new, clean aluminum TBM tank. Please refer to the FAQ section about trading in your tank for more information.

Q: How do I get a tank I already own filled?

  • Email us to indicate your intention to fill a tank you own.
  • Send pictures of the valve where the gas comes out and the writing on the rounded top part of the tank.
  • Verify valve type and hydrostatic test date with TBM staff.**
  • Mail in your tank with a shipping label provided by TBM staff.

**All tanks must be aluminum with CGA 326 valve, and hydrostatic test date no more than 1-year old for no upgrade charges.

Fees for necessary upgrades:

  • Hydrostatic Test: $45
  • N2O Valve: $65
  • Steel Upgrade to Aluminum: $50

Q: What is the FILL-BY-MAIL program and how does it work?

After purchasing a tank from us or trading in one you already own, you can enroll in our FILL-BY-MAIL program; Benefits include:

  • Save $25 on future fills compared to leasing a tank.
  • No time limit for returning your tank; keep it until you need it filled compared to 60 days for a lease.
  • Simply email us when you're ready to fill your empty cylinder, and we'll send you a return UPS label.
  • Once you receive the label, place an order for fill by mail.
  • After dropping off the tank with UPS, email or text us a picture of the tracking on your receipt, and we'll promptly ship your order.

Please note: You will not always receive the same exact tank back. Please do not affix personalized stickers to your tank.

Q: How long does shipping take?

  • We process, package All orders received prior to 4p EST Monday - Friday will be processed and packaged for same-day UPS delivery.
  • The average delivery time is around 3-5 days once UPS has the package.
  • During holidays expect longer delivery times ranging from 4-8 days.
  • Please note that we do not guarantee shipping times.